Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Don't worry be happy!

Sack races, music, eating contests, water balloons, football, dance competitions, crying competitions, and tug of war are just some of the events at our recent Christmas party. The community really pulled together to see to the success of this day. Community members came to cook and serve the food, DJ the event, run activities, and referee the matches. Their efforts resulted in a fun filled day for everyone involved. Children were playing along side one another without the usual cultural stigmas attached to their current living situations. Children were able to be just that, children. Smiling, laughing, worry free children. We are truly blessed to have been a part of something so beautiful. Moments such as these give us the strength to per-severe through the struggles. These are the moments that make life worth living. Thanks for all the support!


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Party for the street kids/orphans

For most, Christmas means family, friends, traditions, the spirit of giving, and let us not forget about the food! Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy all the things most associated with this special time of year. This year we would like to give the gift of the Christmas experience to some of the local street kids and orphans who would otherwise be left wanting. On the 22rd of this month we hope to provide a day full of food, fun, activities and joy. If possible, we would love to be able to share a few kind words of hope with the children. So if you find yourself inspired and with a few extra mintutes in you day, feel free to send us an email (kipepeo.empower@gmail.com). We welcome you to share any ideas to assist in the success of our party!  Thanks in advance!